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Get the perfect fit

At navabi, you will find the perfect pieces to suit your body shape. Because we sell many different designers, our measurements and cuts can differ. To help you find the perfect fit every time, see our size guidelines below.

Our customer service is also happy to help you:

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Body measurements

A sure way to find your perfect size is to take your own body measurements. You can easily compare your measurements with those of our products. You will find these in the ‘Size & Fit’ section or when you click on the ‘Item measurement chart’ for each item in our shop. Please note that we measure the products flat on a table and therefore specify the width. If you want to find out the circumference, simply double the listed numbers to compare them e.g. to your chest measurements.

Measure your favourite piece

Another recommendation of ours to find your perfect size is measuring your favourite piece. Just measure your favourite item and take for e.g. the chest width. Please note that we measure our items lying down. Once measured, you can compare the measurements with ours and look for items that are comparable to yours. In the description of every item in the shop you can find the exact dimensions under Size & Fit resp. under "Size chart". More information on how we measure, can be found here.